Surprising – My #WOTW and #R2BC

By | April 30, 2015

It’s a restrained “yippee” that it’s nearly Friday.  

Restrained because I had the grumpiest walk to school in a long time with D as she was full of anxieties over after-school club this afternoon.  Normally if she’s feeling down, I can witter on about birds flying past, blossom on trees and anything and everything to take her mind off her worries, it didn’t work today.  

This afternoon was no better, not only was she furious that she’d “had to go” to sports club, that I’d “forced” her and that we had to walk because Hubbie was delayed.  T was in one of his “CBA” moods so was pitching in with little asides …. fortunately Hubbie drove past and offered a lift to tired legs halfway home – phew!

Now that could be a R2BC in itself (Reason To Be Cheerful) but I have some more and a word to sum up our week.  


And here’s why:

1.  D was brilliant during her injection yesterday.  Normally she flails around and struggles but because she knew that my jaw was (still) sore, she co-operated with the procedure.  She did say to me afterwards that she’d wanted to wriggle because it hurt but she didn’t want to hurt me.  Well done my lovely girl!

We see the school nurse for the injection once a month and she instantly noticed that I was leaner, which was nice.  As did a school run mum five minutes previously, number 3 on my list must be working!

2.  I’ve surprised myself this week on a few occasions, with getting a bit assertive, previously I’d ponder … and ponder … still ponder.  

The first concerned my fab Hubbie who goes out of his way in his role as assistant manager of T’s team to ensure that where possible they are organised.  However this is thwarted by a total lack of communication from the manager and a feeling that he (Hubbie) is not consulted about anything (he isn’t), kept in the dark (he is) and treated like a lackey (yep).  

Things nearly came to a head last weekend when, once again, he was ignored and treated like a dogsbody.  He nearly quit, it was only the thought that T’s place in the team would invariably be affected that kept him silent, whilst justifiably fuming inside.

This isn’t a recent development, it’s been going on all season.  Everyone who volunteers to help out at grassroots football does it off their own back and in their own time, saying “thank you” or “cc-ing” in someone doesn’t take long, does it?

Anyway I phoned someone in the club and explained the situation, they fully understood and tbh were not surprised at what they were hearing in terms of non-communication etc.  They met with Hubbie that evening and, even though there’s been no improvement in any aspect from the other party, Hubbie is feeling a bit more valued than he was.  I wasn’t being a snitch btw, I just knew that I could explain the situation a bit more rationally and objectively, plus from an ex PA objective.

And then we’ve had numerous election candidates knocking on the door.  Sometimes the children need me and whoever it is at the door is sent away, but when it was just D and I in, I answered the door and said “okay, these are our circumstances (self employed, mortgage, autism, carer etc), tell me why I should vote for you”.  And they did.  And said afterwards it made a change from having the door slammed in their face.  

3.  Another surprising thing this week that I am missing going jogging.  Me!  Two bouts of dental surgery four weeks apart has meant that my calorific intake and therefore energy levels are a tad low (although getting better slowly).  I’m going to ease back in gradually, once fully off painkillers and have been to see the gym near D’s school too.

4.  In conjunction with (3) above and this will be a separate post, but I feel I am conquering an inner foodie demon.  Ha!  Again, me?

5.  I had an email today to say I’d won a bundle of Clarins goodies!  Yay.  I’d entered thinking there wasn’t a chance of me winning, so am very pleased.  Clarins products are (I think) outside our budget, so to win some is fab.

6.  Similar to (5), I will be heading off for a consultation about something beauty-wise for a review.  The new, happy, smiley J is really looking forward to it.  Even the photos.

7.  Life always has its ups and downs but it really feels okay at the moment.  Even if T does tell me off for smiling too much sometimes … because I now can!  


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