Our Easter – Tues 7th April 2015

By | April 7, 2015

It’s been nice to have a little break from the blog, no need to schedule and clock-watch in the evening.

Instead we’ve (Hubbie and I) snuggled up and watched the Carry On films, naturally with some accompanying Easter chocolate.  Our favourite? Carry On Screaming.


With “Frying Tonight!” our highlight, along with “Mind If I Smoke?”



All good (if predictable) fun.

T and D have had fun too.  They had separate Easter Egg hunts as T moaned last year that “it was too easy”, his eggs being in similar places to D.

So, she had hers inside, in relatively visible places with her pink foil eggs and T’s blue foil eggs (yep, we’re stereotypical but they like that) were outside in the garden, in definitely more complex hiding places.

We had a bit of a first with D, she’s always preferred any Easter chocolate to be traditionally egg-shaped, anything else would be refused, even if it was broken into little pieces.  This year she received an Easter bunny choc figure and, she was quite adamant she’d eat the head (which she did) and left the rest, it’s a start though of accepting something that she wouldn’t normally.  No such issues with T, chocolate is just chocolate to him!

They both understand the meaning behind Easter and I’d love to take D to a church service one Easter but know that, at least at the moment, she’d find it all extremely challenging – not to mention the disapproving looks if she did become overwhelmed.

T doesn’t really like venturing away from house and garden in the school holidays and a visit to a (old) birthday boy was met with sulks and strops (before we left and on the journey) but he enjoyed himself while we were there, he always does. Bless him.

Today has been a day of “brrrrr!” and “splash” as the paddling pool has been filled and utilised.  A day of bouncing on the trampoline, amongst little play balls and a day of smiles with two relaxed children.  

To assist T feeling more comfortable on the trampoline (it’s one of his calming mechanisms and we are overlooked big time), I’ve put the surround of a trampoline tent around the net, not the roof as it would get too hot but he’s extremely happy with the surround and it’s helped both with his confidence and calming.

Tomorrow may not be so calm as I’d like to venture out with them but I’m sure a ball/frisbee/kites game will appease on the way back – if I can get him out beyond the garden that is.

I hope everyone’s long weekend went well Jx 


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