Numbers – Weds 1st April 2015

By | April 1, 2015

D and T have always been fascinated by numbers, numbers on buses, numbers in the Numberjacks, numbers in the prices of goods in shops.

I remember when D started at mainstream nursery, the supervisor couldn’t believe that there was this little girl who couldn’t mix, or socialise or speak fluently but, what she could do, was count 1-50.  I realise now that it was D’s fantastic memory and a lot of repitition, but at the time it seemed strange that – until she actually did it there – they didn’t believe me.

Both of them loved to watch Deal or No Deal and, in particular, were both very keen on the 1p box.  Happy memories.

Both have moved on, T is an absolute whiz at maths and gets quite frustrated that he’s constantly reminded to put his “working out” down next to his homework when he just goes bam-bam-bam in his brain and there’s  the answer.  D is not so hot on the mental maths, she prefers visuals but we can do very simple additions and subtracting, no times tables …. yet.

It’s numbers that have dominated her day, a couple in particular.  Frustratingly.

It was injection day for D today, it has to be every four weeks as opposed to a certain date each month so the date varies from month to month.  But she is used to it being once per month and that is the “carrot” (as it were), the fact that once it’s done, that’s it until the next month.

Unfortunately it’s not working out like that for April, her next one is on 29th April because that’s four weeks time and then we shift along  to end of May etc.

This didn’t go down well, the fact that she’ll have two in April, even though it was explained (and explained … and explained) about the four week gap.

There was angst, moans and refusals.  Hubbie gave us a lift to school which normally she’d love but disliked it today “because it got us to the nurse quicker”.

There were squeals and squirms all the way through but it was done.  Moans throughout to me, the nurse and her teacher afterwards that she’d have two injections in April.  It seemed quite a fixation.

And it’s been raised again tonight.  I hope this doesn’t carry on throughout April until the next one, we do have the Easter break to (hopefully) enjoy and relax in after all.

Speaking of  numbers and dates, it’s Autism Awareness month in April, if anyone would like their experiences of anything autism-related featured this month, please let me know.


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