Moving On – Sun 26th April 2015

By | April 26, 2015

“Moving On” from a situation is something that both T and D find extremely difficult.  I had wondered if, as they are growing up (T is 12.5, D is nearly 11) whether they would be able to move on slightly quicker.  It’s become apparent today that neither of them can, yet.

T, for example, reminds me every time we have a bit of banter of something I once said to him, it wasn’t rude or sweary or anything like that, but he took offence and it comes back to haunt me.  A lot.  As it did today, quite a few times.

D has had trouble with moving on after doing her writing for News (very angst-ridden as she finds writing challenging) and from situations which I’m sure her peers would brush aside virtually the moment they happen.  Again, nothing serious but little things that has caused upset (on her part), concern (on ours) and a desire to “just move on, don’t worry, relax”.

Will this ability increase as they get older? I’m not sure.  Or will it be replaced by greater worries, grown-up type worries?  It would be lovely to have one of those days that you’d imagine a stereo-typical family to have – maybe some sunny, happy kite-flying in a people-packed park, followed by everyone enjoying a roast lunch, followed by chatty discussions with plenty of laughter and maybe a game which everyone could play – turn-taking and everything.

But life isn’t like that, not for us.  I should be and am grateful for what we have, it’s just that sometimes I’d like my children to just enjoy being children, whilst they still can, move on from the anxieties and angst.  C’est la vie.


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