Meh Monday – 27th April 2015

By | April 27, 2015

Today – as last Monday did – started with tears from D, she “wished it was the holidays”.

We are know that Monday morning feeling, but D enjoys school once she’s there and in the routine (that she craves) so it was surprising to see her upset for the second week running.  Maybe the tween element is kicking in too? She’s 3 weeks away from 11.

Luckily it was a sunny walk to school, with quite a few people who knew D by sight commenting on her very flowery, sunny, sun hat – which cheered her up.  She does like a bit of praise.

(The hat in all its glory last year)

By the end of school, D’s “meh” had turned to agitation as there were a few (small) changes to our afternoon.  There were strops, potential shouts and an attempt at a bolt.  Compounded at home by her brother’s “I told you so” *nods* at her and her reluctance to join in with garden fun – to her it was anything but, with the prospect of tears.

A new day tomorrow, the picture below made me chuckle, loving the Billy Idol sneer!


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