Let’s Dance – Mon 13th April 2015

By | April 13, 2015

There’s two things I miss when T and D are off school:

The first is a coffee, sometimes with a magazine, sometimes without, but just me and my thoughts.  I always was a bit of a (ready?) “massimo decaf skinny mocha in a takeaway cup” fiend and seem to have gone right off instant coffee in the last few weeks, so it’s no understatement to say that I’m looking forward to a mocha appointment at the tail end of next week.

The second is music.  T objects to music channels on the TV and tbh we’re probably limited to Vintage TV as (to me) the music is better and the videos somewhat tamer.  So, the thought of a walk back from dropping D off/heading off to collect her with some tunes in my earworms is something else for next week.

Today though, we had some of the latter (and the former as Hubbie brought me a mocha home).  The menfolk headed off to an evening football match and so D and I have been having a bit of a boogie to some tunes.

She’s quite selective about what she’ll listen to and anything she’s not keen on will be met with moans and groans but, put on the right one and she’s singing along, strutting her stuff.

No pictures as we were too busy having fun.  A good start to the week and a happy D settling tonight.

It’s been a while since I’ve included a Music Monday so, to reflect the new happier me, here’s a smiley song:

When I first met Hubbie, apart from thinking that he was kind with a very shy 6-year old C, he had a lovely smile.  My late mother-in-law described it as “when he smiles, you don’t notice anything apart from that big grin” and she was right.

In my smile post, I mentioned why I didn’t, until recently, so it’s a lovely feeling that he smiles at me and I’ll reciprocate.  Happy days.

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