C’est La Vie – Sat 11th April 2015

By | April 11, 2015

I love spending time with T and D in the school holidays, even if they don’t necessarily enjoy time with each other.

Their variances between intellectual and emotional levels are widening, we had a good example of this today – T has a greater level of sensory tolerance than D, he’s always bouncing, kicking, heading a ball, whereas D feels a ball being thrown or a “knock” to a greater extent.  A simple game of “catch” will end in tears as, although it starts on good terms, competitiveness takes hold and T’s throws and aims become harder, more aimed at arms etc and concentrating on doing better.  This is how one such “game” ended, tears and a hurt arm for D with a “what did I do?” from T.

That was later on though.

Earlier T and Hubbie went off to football, D and I had a girlie day, she minecrafted, helped with the guinea pigs and enjoying seeing all the blossoms in the garden, intermingled with cuddles.

1:1 time is limited during the holidays, obviously, but today there was some D-time.  T gets his T-time as he settles later than D at night, so invariably we catch up then.

I’d prefer it this way (i.e. them at home) rather than T hanging around on a street corner or roaming around the area, he wouldn’t anyway, he likes to have a timetable of events, with a clear indication of what’s happening and where, just “chilling” wouldn’t do it for him.  He’d rather be either indoors with his headphones or having a good old bounce on the trampoline with a ball.  This isn’t to say that I’d prevent him from going out with his friends, he just doesn’t want to.  

I’m glad he is using the trampoline, even more so now that it has a refashioned tent over it (sides but no top), we are very overlooked and this now means that he knows he can bounce and adopt his calming mechanism without someone pulling faces at him from a neighbourly (or not) window.

Anyway, a reasonable day for both, in their own ways (arm incident aside), I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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