Time Passes – Sun 29th March 2015

By | March 29, 2015

Four days to go until T and D have their Easter school holidays, nearly the end of another term.

It’s hard to believe that T has already (nearly) completed two terms at secondary school, this time last year we were gearing up to appeal his refusal of a place at his first choice school, not wanting to give up on what we felt was the best way forward for him.  Our gamble paid off, we were extremely lucky and he has settled in better than we could have anticipated.  

He is very good at masking any upset or negativity throughout the school day and “offloads” as soon as he’s off the school bus, normally by verbally lashing out.  It’s his way, it was the same at primary school.  Thankfully any emotions seem to be short-lived and, once he’s talked/had a bit of a go at D, he moves on, for D it takes longer.

It’s made me wonder how quickly the next few years are going to rush by, what happens post-school for T.  He doesn’t have a statement so wouldn’t receive any assistance under the new SEN act, unfortunately.  When I queried this with D’s head teacher, as a “can I just ask you about this….?”, it was obvious that no additional educational requirement = no support, which is disappointing because the act covers education, health and social matters.  T would certainly need some support with the latter. 

D is in her final year of primary and yes, we hope she’ll be staying on throughout at her SN school and there should be lots of transition in place for 18 years and onwards.  Assistance with college/work placements, it will all help her adjust to a world beyond school.

I hope.  I hope both of them do.

However I’ve heard that support once an individual has left school is very, very difficult to come by.  It’s something I wonder if I need to start looking into, just as a knowledge base.

Just so I know how much of a “battle” lies ahead.  I also know from experience that assistance does not come immediately, it’s down to a SN parent to seek and find out, in an environment of ever-decreasing budgets, phone calls not returned etc (for example, the hassle and stress of getting a prescription for D every three months but that is another story…)

A smiley picture to end though, because D is rather into Roobarb (and Custard) at the moment.


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