Those Three Things – Tues 17th March 2015

By | March 17, 2015

Anxieties tend to snowball with D, one continually on her mind can be uncomfortable enough, but add two more and it makes for a very squeaky, squirmy, obsessed D with whatever is causing her concern.

It made for a slow, cuddly walk to school and home again at the end of the day.  It’s made for an extremely cuddly b a t h time and worries as she attempts to settle (with the aid of melatonin).

Oh, those three things, one has been clarified today, the others are ongoing.

The first one concerned an upcoming birthday party at the SN playground she loves to go to. It was extremely unlikely, but she was worried that another child would be there who seems to take enjoyment in calling other children  “ugly” and “idiots” whilst in the playground. D doesn’t have the confidence to answer back and it played on her mind that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy herself, despite knowing that I would be there and her friends too.  

A few texts later and I was able to let her know at the end of the school day that it would all be okay, to the relief of others as well as D.  One down.

The second is concerning an ongoing situation  in class.  Her worries that it would be similar today were justified, an ice pack was needed.

And the last is Dance club tomorrow.  Over anxious because they’re due to perform whatever moves they’ve been learning to parents.  It will be great to see, if she’s able to take part, if nerves don’t get the better of her. If they do, we’ll have a cuddle and watch.  It’s okay, we’re not pressurising her, gentle positivity is far more effective … sometimes.

One out of three makes for an anxious D (a rhyme!).  Hopefully another will be overcome tomorrow, it’s a “to be continued..”.

T had a major challenge to overcome today too.  He missed his coach home as the teacher lost track of time.  As did another child.  The register of pupils going onto the coaches didn’t flag that they were missing.  Luckily he was calm enough to get to Student Services and call, if that had been D, there’s no way she could have done that.

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