Tender – Thurs 5th March 2015

By | March 5, 2015

I kept a fragile and extremely tender D off school today, her fall yesterday and the fact that she’s allergic to plasters (even the hypo-allergic ones) has meant that I’ve been cleaning and dressing the wounds quite a bit today.

It’s not easy, with a child who doesn’t like the oh-so-cold effect of healing cream, the sensation as the micro pore tape is put on and, of course, removed. The cleaning too also brings the sight of her wounds to D and that makes her more upset with the visual reminders.  She’s found walking about painful as well.

We’ve had refusals, wriggles and tears when it came to re-dressing time. 

There have been cuddles needed constantly and always a reassurance needed from D that I’m not that far away, even if she would seem engrossed in whatever she’s doing.

We’ve tried to talk a bit about what happened,  D got very tearful and called yesterday “the worst day ever” after one which saw injection time as well as her getting hurt.  

It’s been a day when I’m grateful that she could stay at home with me, with cuddles and a few smiles (when she’s not thinking about yesterday).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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