Special – Sun 15th March 2015

By | March 15, 2015

Mother’s Day here in the UK and the build-up has been bittersweet for Hubbie as he remembers and misses his mum.  

The next few weeks bring quite a few family birthdays too so it will be a time for reflection and a reminder to the children that sometimes Dad (Hubbie) might feel a bit sad.

This is easier said than done with T and D.  An example being that I managed to burn my arm last week whilst ironing (I’ve got a quite “attractive” slash across my forearm).  T – who shows very little emotion anyway – hasn’t been interested in the slightest (nor when it happened), in contrast I have to remember not to mention it (or have it visible) when D is around, because it reminds her of when she’s hurt herself (falling over or off her bike) and then she relives how much it hurt her.  

It hasn’t been an over-the-top day, routine has carried on, it has to.  Homework, ironing (urgh!), News writing and D’s reading, it all still has to happen.

Special is a word used a lot when you have autistic or special needs children.  To me, it just means something away from the usual, the norm.

D wrote this in my Mother’s Day card today:

It’s always fantastic to see D writing, she finds this challenging.  Her punctuation is always spot-on when she does write, in her slow, steady hand and my envelope had not 1, not 2, but 3 exclamation marks on it.  She said that she’d done that because it was so exciting.  

We had our chat at b a t h time this evening and I asked her what she’d meant by “special” in the card.

Her reply “…because you’re the best Mum in the world!”  

It’s nice to feel “special”, to feel appreciated, to receive a cuddle from D that almost crushes my ribs as she gets excited, to get a small, shy smile from T when he’s comfy or a “thanks Mum” when he’s not on his headphones.

Those moments are special to me.  They always will be.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx 

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