Routine – Mon 9th March 2015

By | March 9, 2015

Both T and D need routine, they might not always like to admit it, but they do.  Crave it, almost.

There were moans and groans from D this morning “I wish it was still Sunday”, “I wish it was half term” etc and shed loads of anxiety around heading back to school today.  Bruised and battered knees aside, there was to be a change in the form of some competition, to see which “house” could walk the most steps.

D doesn’t like competiveness normally, whether it’s the knowledge that there can only be one winner or the fact that T is über-uber competitive (apart from Sports Day when she gets rather fixated on obtaining a medal), but she wasn’t looking forward to joining in.

She didn’t want me to mention the fact that she wasn’t happy, but she didn’t want to say it either (that lack of confidence), so it was an uneasy walk to school where I’d be looking for things to ease her anxieties (birds, car colours, Minecraft chats et all).

The anxiousness continued until she saw a TA from her class who was smiley and enthusiastic about the day and off she went! 

The end of school came quickly and with it came a tired but happy D.  Not because of the competition (she moaned about that on the way home), not because her knees were any better (they ached), but because her teacher was back after three weeks away.

Her teacher had been missed, D’s and the other children’s faces indicating that that bit of routine was back.  That focal point in class. Good to see.

I don’t know which “house” won, she hasn’t wanted to talk about it, apart from the fact that she took part.  A conversation for another time when she’s less tired and more relaxed maybe.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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