Rollercoaster – My #WOTW and #R2BC

By | March 6, 2015

What a week of highs and lows!

From the absolute joy shown by D at the SN playground we went to at the weekend:

(She even got me on the zip wire too!)

To the last few days, tending to D after a nasty fall at school.  She has a severe allergy to plasters so I’ve been “Nurse Mumma” with dressings and lots of green gunky stuff, sorry TMI. According to D, I should be a “leg nurse”, bless her.

She’s been walking better today and is so much happier than the clingy, cuddle-monster of the past couple of days.

A definite reason to be cheerful, but there are some more:

1.  Ear worms 

Poor T texted me before school this morning because his ear worms had snapped, with a bit left in his iPod.  Knowing T, he’d have worried about that all day, he does rely on his ear worms to shut out the noise of a busy school coach.

All sorted once he was home, just took a bit of concentration, a happier T as a result.  

2.  No “worst bits”

D is always very much in the “here and now” when it comes to talking about our “best, worst and funniest bits of the week” and was really looking forward to tea tonight (unlike last week, when she was exhausted after a challenging week at school).

So, surprisingly given her fall, she had absolutely no “worst bits” of the week.  Although if you’d asked her on Wednesday, I think she’d have answered differently!

3.  Reading 

Both T and D love to read, their choice of a treat from town is to choose a new book.  Despite both having a passion for Minecraft, the sight of either of them enjoying a new or revisited book is lovely.

This was D on the train last weekend:

She enjoys the Rainbow Fairy series whilst T is very into Skullduggery Pleasant, not least because he calls it “peasant”, which is one of his most giggle-inducing words.

4.  Steps

I’ve hit my 10k step target every day and am down a lb, which is a bonus.  I should be more but I’ve been like a mouse with cheese (nibble nibble).

There are no doubt more reasons and I’m sure I’ll think of them once I’ve scheduled this.

A definite rollercoaster!

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