Mr Magpie! Weds 11th March 2015

By | March 11, 2015

It’s been a long, really quite grumpy day here. Mid week blues I guess.

D had after school club today and wasn’t happy about it, grump-stomp-grump at the start on the way to school.

She always says she’s enjoyed it afterwards but it’s that anticipation of the event and the knowledge that T and I are having some 1:1 time too (we don’t get much of that).

Our walk to school was made slightly easier by the sight of magpies! 

We are lucky above to live close to a nature reserve and there are always sights and sounds of birds.  Birds that swoop between the houses, birds that sing in trees as we walk underneath, birds taking twigs to their nests.  It’s all a good way of distracting D from her adverse emotions.

There were absolutely loads of magpies this morning and I always do a “Mr Magpie” salute (which used to make it “interesting” during driving lessons, when I could afford them).

D has got used to pointing out the magpies so that we can do our “thing” and sometimes she’ll insist we salute pigeons!

The magpies this morning were chasing each other, squawking and flapping around the houses, all a bit terroritorial I guess as there are loads of nests around.  It made D laugh (phew!) and we imagined them telling each other off with “get off my roof!” in silly voices.

It all helped relieve her anxiousness and ensure she went into school smiling, even if she then went upstairs reluctantly.

A tired D at the end of the day, tears too.

And a moods-changing-at-the-flick-of-a-switch T too during our coffee shop catch up, one minute chatty (ish), the next would see him stoney-faced and unresponsive.  Angry even.

Still, at least we’re another day closer to the weekend, I hope everyone’s day has gone well.

Aren’t magpies fab btw, I love the bright blue in their feathers, nature is so beautiful.

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