Difficult – Mon 30th March 2015

By | March 30, 2015

Two tired children today, some intolerance of each other and a definite feel that the Easter break is needed.  Roll on Thursday.

Part of the problem (I think) stems from the fact that they both build up emotion from their school day, I pick up D first and we have about 5 minutes before T’s school coach pulls in.  If she doesn’t want to talk about her day immediately – and lately she doesn’t because she’s not been happy – it’s then tricky if T arrives full of angst too.  Therein follows an awkward 15 minute or so walk home, with glowers (both), stern glares (T) and potential bolts (D).

Then we get home and D refuses to go in the open door because she’s anxious and upset, which frustrates her brother.  Referee time!

There’s no answer to this.  As long as T is happy for us to meet him from the school coach, I want to be there and all walk home together.  These times won’t last forever once teen embarrassment about anything connected with parents kicks in and sometimes it’s nice with them both laughing and getting on, sometimes not so.

Hopefully the holidays will bring lots of fresh air, bouncing, kite flying (it certainly sounds like it will be windy enough!), games on the field and giggles.  Let’s get through the next three date first.


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