Deflated – Sat 21st March 2015

By | March 21, 2015

D has been looking forward to today all week, unfortunately the build up did not deliver.

She usually loves visiting the SN playground, LOVES it.  It’s a place where she can use the soft play area, go up and down the structures and be the nearly-11 year old she is.  Without stares or judgement.  It’s a vital place for the SN community.

Today, though, she’s been … well, deflated.  even though we were there for a birthday party, she didn’t enjoy herself, preferring to either watch from the sidelines or stick with me (her not wanting me out of her sight).  All very unlike D in that environment.

We ended up away from the party, away from the fun of the trikes or soft play and did some crafting.  As well as the facilities, there are always some fab crafting materials, usually donated by local businesses.

We made a wand:

And once home, a bubble b a t h and some cuddles relaxed D.  She even decided to give Bitsey the title of “Queen Fluffy”.

A day in which I’ve realised that no matter how much you think your autistic child has adjusted and matured, situations can cause them to have a throwback day.  A day she should have enjoyed, I should be posting happy pictures where her laughter comes through the photo, but I’m not.  That’s life sometimes, isn’t it.

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