Cosy – Sat 28th March 2015

By | March 28, 2015

A snuggly day was called for, a girlie day with popcorn (for D) and her favourite DVD at the moment.  That would be Frozen.

She’s never still for long though, watching that film, walking around on tip-toes, even though she knows the film by memory, she’ll be saying “keep watching, this comes next”. 

Her memory amazes me, she can be concentrating on something and then an advert will come on and she’ll recite it with the voice-over, word for word in whatever accent they’ve used.  

She did manage to tell me today that she’d had neck-ache for a few days, which may go some well to explaining her fragile state especially yesterday.  Calpol was firmly refused (she dislikes the taste).  It would have been helpful obviously if she’d mentioned it before but I guess she only relaxed enough today.

T had a good outdoors day, with wins in playing football this morning and watching it this afternoon.  Now that the weather seems to be better, he’s rediscovered the trampoline (one of his calming mechanisms) and can be outside bouncing, commentating and kicking a ball for about 40 minutes – he’s got very defined calf muscles!

Altogether a reasonable day, I’m feeling a bit brighter too – although nurofen is still my best buddy.  I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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