A Smile – Mon 2nd March 2015

By | March 2, 2015

I can always tell what kind of day D’s had at school by the way she comes down the stairs at the end of the day (we have to wait at the bottom).

If her day hasn’t gone particularly well or she’s bottled emotions up, it’s a case of zero eye contact, her head is down and she bolts to a usual corner, where …. eventually … she’ll give an indication of what’s wrong and we can then go and meet T.

Today we were met with not only a smile, but laughter too.  She’d come down with her friend and he’d made her laugh by saying “let’s break for freedom”.  She was happy, he was too.  

It made a change to see, when she smiles it’s very infectious.

Her class have dealt with quite a lot of change in the last couple of weeks; their main teacher has been away (and still is) on a course, routines have differed and it has affected one child a great deal, with violence and anger as a result.  Which in turn has affected the other children, it’s bound to.  So, to see D happy was a relief.

T was on good form too, they’d had a PE lesson with a difference today, doing the Haka.  That must have been a really good fun, a gym full of Tweens performing that, quite good for releasing emotions as well I imagine.

I wasn’t expecting today to go well, both D and T had the “Monday morning blues” this morning, both taking a while to get started and, for D, quite a few stomps.

Turned out well though, I hope everyone’s had a good day Jx 

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