We Got There! – Mon 23rd Feb 2015

By | February 23, 2015

Yesterday’s blog was full of D’s angst and anxiety over the fact that she was back to school today, whilst T had an inset day.

I was prepared for a challenging start to our day, I wasn’t wrong.

There were tears, stomps and refusals before we even left the house. Poor Bunny was thrown a few times.

D normally holds my hand as we walk but today it was a fists-clenched angry walk from D, wanting cuddles to comfort her but refusing them (if that makes sense). All the while she was thinking of T and her displeasure, luckily he was with Hubbie as his presence would have made the walk worse.

I knew that once D got to school that the routine would kick in, there was finally (quite a huge cuddle) and off she went.

And it was a very nice walk at the end of the day. T was with Hubbie as him being at D’s school would have reminded her that he hadn’t been in. D and I walked home, hand in hand, she answered briefly questions about her day and she was okay, the earlier very tricky start to the day forgotten.

It would have been very different if she’d had her brother there to admonish her if she’d done something he didn’t agree with (most things).

It just goes to show that every day is different, we can never assume.

And guess what? We do it all again with T’s return to school (not a popular topic today).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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