Unsettled – 20/21st Feb 2015

By | February 21, 2015

It was all going so well, the most relaxed and – dare I say it? – calmest few days that I can remember for T and D, ever.

Both happy in themselves, occasionally intermingling but tolerant of each other and that makes such a difference.

But, as the saying goes “all good things …etc” and yesterday they did. With some continued fall-out today.

To be fair, the unsettled aspect was expected but, as much as I could prepare D for it, it was still an extremely anxious and stressful time for her.

We were having the energy supply meters changed over and, although I could say to D that it would be between such-and-such a time and that there would be a time when a stranger would be in the house, there would be noise, smells and obviously we’d lose power for a while, she was still extremely agitated before, during and after.

Hubbie had taken T out for the afternoon yesterday as he can find it even harder to deal with the lack of clarification around timings.

Eventually it was done – or so we thought – but not before a very pale D had cried and attempted to meltdown.

And then we discovered a problem.

Today has meant over 1.5 hours on the phone, both hanging on and being passed from department to department and another visit from an engineer. Causing D the same issues as yesterday, if not more, because at least she knew in advance of yesterday’s stranger and disruption, today’s was unexpected.

The plug thing that emits a horrible shrill noise when the electricity is turned off and then back on again caused her the most angst today – primarily because she’d remembered its sound from yesterday.

The one bonus is that as it was necessary to call them out again today, T was at football and therefore none the wiser.

And – hopefully – that is it for a while. Some people might think “well, don’t schedule it for school holidays then” but I find that delays inevitably happen and, even though you might say “I need to be out at xxx for a school run”, it’s not necessarily taken into account.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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