Reacting – Thurs 5th Feb 2015

By | February 5, 2015

Another day, another snowy walk to school. This time though, D hated it. She moaned, whined, squeaked and blamed me for the weather all the way to school.

She was not a happy girl at all, nor I was informed was Bunny, btw.

The reason being was that we were walking whilst it was snowing, as opposed to walking along once it had snowed.

She didn’t like the feel of the snow on her face and squealed when any landed on her coat.

This from a girl who was very happy to scoop up and throw soft powdery snow the other day, who loved the finished product (ie snow ready to throw) but didn’t like the sensory feel of it falling.

No surprise then that she wasn’t a settled girl when we got to school, that even though she blamed me for the weather, she didn’t want me to leave her. Poor D.

And she was still cuddly at the end of the day, clinging onto my arm as she attempted to get as close as possible.

She’s tired. T is too. One more week and one day until half term. It will be welcomed by them both when it arrives.

T’s looking forward to tomorrow, not just because it’s Friday, but also as there’s a non-uniform day at school.

He’s a chappie who lives in joggers and sports trousers (shorts in summer) usually, but he’s decided he wanted to wear jeans/chinos tomorrow. So he will be. He disliked the whole jeans zip/button concept previously and flatly refused them. It’s another realisation that he’s growing up, that he’s doing his best to “fit in” in a mainstream environment and he’s doing really well at it (any frustrations and annoyances are saved until he gets off that school bus and generally D or I receive the brunt).

He’s getting there his way, finding his own way – as is D.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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