Matches – Weds 11th Feb 2015

By | February 11, 2015

Sometimes autism parenting feels like this. You never know if a situation will “fuse” and all the metaphorical matches will light, burning quickly and making an intense atmosphere; or whether just one lights and everything blows over quickly.

Today has felt like a slow but steady “burn”, occasionally escalating into tears and stomps (more than occasionally tbh) and then it carries on with a slow “burn” until something else happens.

I’d have preferred a big blow-out, at least the tears, the shouting, the stomps would be all over. Cuddles haven’t helped today, which is unusual. Poor D.

She’s tired, she needs half term next week, as does T. They’ve both managed to antagonise each other, both reacting quickly, both refusing to back down. D reacting with volatile, noisy anger; T with a more subtle but just as effective anger. Pushing, shoving, hurting.

Tomorrow is another day, I’m hoping for a calmer one Jx

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