Hurrah! – Fri 13th Feb 2015

By | February 13, 2015

It’s Friday, it’s half term next week and T couldn’t be happier.

In his own little way.

The grumpmeister of the past few days/weeks/months has been replaced with a young chap who has been smiling a bit and not answering with so much of the “I know everything, you don’t” in his voice.

It would be really nice if it lasts the next few days. We shall see. There was no question as to what T’s “best bit of the week” was today!

D had a lovely surprise today. She has quite a few “admirers” in her class but there is one more enthusiastic than most. He brought in a card, a fabric red rose and a cuddly toy for her for Valentine’s Day. She especially loved the rose and it has been carried everywhere – along with Bunny and her Minecraft book.

She’s done us proud this week, with another certificate:


The wording on this is particularly heart-warming, it is another demonstration that she is very settled and comfortable in the right setting for her.

A SN school wouldn’t be appropriate for T, for example, he is thriving in the smaller, community-focused (quite strict) secondary school that we appealed the decision and were granted a place.

We’re all glad it’s Friday, it’s felt like a good week on the whole.

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