Footprints In The Snow – Tues 3rd Feb 2015

By | February 3, 2015

As I’ve mentioned before, D has been pretty desperate to see some snow. To not only see it falling but to also experience it.

And today we did. Briefly.

The walk to school was filled with soft, powdery snowballs whizzing past my head as D stopped continuously to scoop up the snow. She loved it. From the crunchy cornflake-like sound as we walked along, the slippery slide-y slither across icy side roads and the spotting of cat, bird and dog prints in the snow, it was all good fun.

We found an untouched patch of snow and made our own footprints:


It was one of those days where we’d left earlier to ensure we got to school on time and I was grateful that D doesn’t travel by school transport as the snow had all gone by this afternoon.

Even if that’s it for the Winter now (who knows?), D has had her snow experience and she’s very happy about it too.

It’s given us something to take her mind off the fact it’s injection time tomorrow and after school club, both of which cause her anxieties for differing reasons.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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