Field Fun (ish) – Weds 18th Feb 2015

By | February 18, 2015

We finally got T out of the house today, he’s a bit of a home-body during school holidays, preferring the boundaries of our four walls and garden fences.

We headed to the field near us. It’s been reduced by about a third due to building work but – apparently – and I hope it’s kept to, the remaining two-thirds will be for the community.

It was muddy (very), but to start with it was fun.


T raced around with his bat kite, pretending it was chasing him and trying to get it to land on me! D was more sedate, just wanting the wind to pick up so that her butterfly one would fly a bit.

She got frustrated though, the wind was a bit sporadic; she was thirsty, then hungry, then tired, then the continuous moaning started. It didn’t help that the route they (both) choose to walk home (5 minutes away) was through the (very) muddy woods.

More moans and I thought for one moment she’d have a full-blown meltdown whilst refusing to move from the middle of a particularly muddy bit.

Tears from a pale D when we got home.

Later on she started snuffling – T has the beginnings of a cold too – so that kind of explains earlier. Kind of.

For the 40 or so minutes we were there, it was fun though. Muddy but fun. Kites whizzing in the wind.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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