Emotions – Sat 14th Feb 2015

By | February 14, 2015

Life with T and D is never ever boring, even though they need and thrive on routine.

Sometimes a day can pass relatively peacefully and it’s a good feeling. Sometimes it doesn’t.

T rushed straight in for a huge cuddle when the menfolk returned from football. Unusual for T because he’s not normally a cuddle-seeker, this morning’s game had had a few eventual happenings (shall we say) and there’s the possibility that a player has abruptly left. All a bit unsettling for T, who was on the field near where it happened and saw and heard most of the incident.

T is a little chap who lives for football and so I guess he’s been unable to shake it off as quickly as, say, some of his team mates would.

Once he’d told me about it all, he did seem happier though.

Unfortunately for D, T’s slightly chirpier mood resulted in him continuously attempting to pause what she was watching (yes, a Minecraft video). She didn’t appreciate that it was done in jest, nor had the confidence to tell him that it was annoying her; T was unable to “read” her body language and face, both indicating that she was coming to the end of a very short fuse. Resulting in tears and stomps.

And we have half term next week. I’m approaching it like this:

I hope everyone’s day has gone well.
Thanks Mr Bluecrisps for my lovely flowers Jx


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