Angst – Weds 4th Feb 2015

By | February 4, 2015

Plenty of angst today. Plenty.

Poor D, not only did today mean her injection but also After School Dance Club, both causing anxieties in their own particular way.

I hate taking D for her injections and I don’t use the word “hate” very often. I can’t lie to her and say that it won’t hurt, because she knows it does, the numbing cream acts as a placebo up to a point. We always talk (well I do) about it beforehand, saying that if she stays still that it will be over quicker, she agrees and then once we’re in there, those fears kick in big time and she’s squirming, wriggling, crying, trying to head-but me because she’s so anxious.

Afterwards she’s drained, pale and very cuddly and it’s really hard to leave her in class, to walk away knowing that she’ll (hopefully) perk up and (hopefully) have a good day, but at that moment, she needs me. However she needs the routine more.

And then there was Dance Club after school, something which causes angst because there is an element of free-style – ie. she has to think of moves herself, without instruction. It’s difficult for D to use imagination, to think “outside the box” so this is the most challenging part of the session for her.

It has resulted in an extremely tired D, who wanted to self-calm by singing, which annoyed T intensely, even though he had his headphones on. Bickering followed. Followed by more angst on both sides.

On the positive side, that’s her injection done for another month and T and I had a catch up before we collected her.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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