Unsettled – Weds 7th Jan 2015

By | January 7, 2015

To say that D was unsettled when I took her to class this morning was an understatement. Big time.

There were two very unexpected changes this morning, one quickly done and dusted, the other could have a few consequences.

It was meant to be injection time for D this morning, the injection with a one-day leeway that I’d already booked in before Christmas for today with the school nurse, knowing that we were at the deadline.

Yes, I could have taken her to the GP to have a practice nurse administer it yesterday but she didn’t have the best of experiences there and – on one particularly memorable appointment – ended up being chased around the room by the nurse, holding a needle. So….she would have remembered (she does), got extremely anxious and the chances of me getting her through the door would be slim.

The school nurse had phoned in sick today. I only found this out because of change number 2. Our new desk was due to be delivered by 2pm but they arrived just as we were set to leave for school. A quick phone call to say we’d be a few minutes late and that’s when we found out of her absence.

One very unsettled and anxious D at these two delivery men arriving suddenly, her worry that she’d be late and then the uncertainty around her injection, I’d already prepared her and put the cream on.

It happens, I know. People get ill but it was disappointing that nobody checked the appointments booked in.

Oh and D was worried that I’d break the desk putting it together (it’s glass), so that was the last thing she said to me as I dropped her off at class, after tons and tons of cuddles.

Anyway…and breathe…injection rebooked with another nurse for tomorrow, there may be consequences physically as a result of the one-day leeway being passed (there certainly were last time), there may not. But it will be another anxious walk to school tomorrow, D knowing that she’ll be having the injection.

The first thing she said to me this afternoon was “did you break the desk? I’ve been worried all day.”

I didn’t. It looks blooming fab, it was a tad heavy assembling it and took ages. Worth it though.

In contrast, it was a tired but chirpy T who we met from his school bus. He’s well back into the routine of school now. Fingers crossed that D will be soon.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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