Undercurrent – Tues 20th Jan 2015

By | January 20, 2015

It’s Tuesday.

For D this means the day before her after school club activity.

Something she enjoyed last week and said, at the time, that she wanted to go again next week (tomorrow).

That statement has seemed forgotten today, after school club was the first thing on her mind this morning and occupied her thoughts whilst walking to school, it turned into a very cuddly walk.

It’s a shame that she can’t associate the feelings of enjoyment she had last week with looking forward to another session. Instead they’ve been replaced with anxieties and intolerance.

Which is a shame because T has been in quite a bouncy, chirpy mood – unusual for mid-week.

Sometimes it feels like a seesaw of emotions.

One up and then one down and vice versa.

Unfortunately because D bottles up her emotions whilst at school, they don’t necessary see how anxious she may be feeling.

Like this afternoon (and yesterday come to think of it), she knew I was waiting in our usual place and walked straight past me, zero eye contact. It’s then a case of big cuddles and gentle queries as to what’s the matter. From 9am to 3.15pm is a long time to build up emotions isn’t it?

It would be nice to think I’ll be tap-tap-tapping away tomorrow, saying she’s had a really good day and enjoyed after school club. We’ll see, at least I’m prepared (yes, I was a Brownie).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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