Ummm Ow! Mon 26th Jan 2015

By | January 26, 2015

It was all going so well.

Monday morning was…decidedly sluggish but okay and T practically bounced off his school bus this afternoon, eager to share a bit of a funny moment from PE.

The walk home was good-natured too, no snapping or sniping from T to D and vice versa. All seemed good, brilliant considering it was the start of the week.

Then it changed and I was reminded just how unsympathetic life can be.

D zoomed in for a cuddle and, still having her trainers on, managed to kick my big toe. A bit of an “owww” moment but I’ve learned to mask my feelings so as not to make any situation worse.

Carrying on, making their tea, I didn’t realise my toe was bleeding everywhere. Thought I’d stepped in something wet to begin with (unlikely), D came in, saw the blood and had a meltdown. It’s very difficult cleaning up, managing your child and wondering about an injury, all at the same time.

She has always extremely visual and reacts adversely at times, so that didn’t assist with the “moment” but neither of them showed any concern for me, it was all about how they felt upon seeing the yuckiness.

That concerns me for future relationships that either of them may have, that lack of empathy and concern for others.

Needless to say, the afternoon went a bit downhill. D retreated to her headphones, T well into sarcastic snapping mode.

Tomorrow is another day, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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