This Week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC

By | January 30, 2015

I will admit, I was not a happy bunny this morning. Without going into detail, an appointment didn’t go well and I was left wondering why I bothered and why professionals couldn’t be upfront.

I could still get annoyed about it now, but I’m not going to. Positivity will out and therefore here’s my #R2BC for the week:

1. Snow
It snowed briefly yesterday and D – who has been on snow-watch since 1st December – was delighted. Her happiness was contagious and although any that hadn’t melted quickly had turned to icy pavements this morning, she’s now seen some snow and was very pleased.

2. School bag
Poor old T has had a mountain of books to lug around every school day since September, he didn’t like backpacks on his back at primary, but specifically requested one recently for secondary – as opposed to his messenger bag. His backpack arrived yesterday (after almost a week of him asking when it would be here) and already he is so much more content, it must be less strain on his shoulders too.

(Backpack and drawstring today as he had food tech)

3. Trainers
In my quest to get fit, I’m going to start running (well, let’s be honest, jogging at first). It will be very much a work in progress but having some comfy trainers is a good start. Apart from one day (a Sunday), I’ve gone over my 10k steps on the Fitbit too for the last two weeks, yay!

4. Relaxation etc
After a couple of quite long chats this week, I’ll be starting some online courses to help me relax – something I’m rubbish at – I’ve tried mediation apps but my brain is too active for me to reap any benefit. Apparently this isn’t uncommon (the “not being able to switch off”) which is a bit of a relief as I thought it was just me”, and I’m looking forward to any potential benefits.

5. Football
T loves his football, in any and every context. He’s now attending after-school football at school once a week, which not only allows him to play a sport he enjoys but also catch up with those he sometimes plays against in the under 12’s division, who also attend his school.
There might come a time when school want him to play a match on a Saturday which could conflict with his playing in a local team, but we’ll meet that challenge if and when it arises.

6. Illusions
We recently replaced our rattan dark brown table and chairs for a glass table and coloured Perspex chairs. The illusion of more space is fab and the (stackable) chairs are pretty funky too.
Time will tell whether our table will stay as clear as it currently is!

7. No “worst bits”
Friday night is always a chippie tea, where we have a “round-robin” around the table and all do our “best, worst and funniest bits of the week”. Both T and D are very much in the here and now and neither had any “worst bits” to report, although there have definitely been some moments from both of them. It’s good that they’ve ended their week on a positive note.

I’m quite pleased I’ve found 7 R2BC, especially following the annoyed and frustrated mood I found myself in earlier.

Linking up with Becky @LakesSingleMum, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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xOjox on 4th February 2015 at 8:18 pm.

I hope you felt better, finding reasons to smile after someone upset you! You are absolutely trumping me on the fitbit! (Although I have been quite poorly this week) xx


Jeannette on 24th February 2015 at 9:14 pm.

Thank you, all happy thoughts now x


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