Tetchy – Sun 18th Jan 2015

By | January 18, 2015

Tetchy sums up our day today, here’s the definition from the Collins Dictionary:
“being or inclined to be cross, irritable, or touchy

= irritable, cross, grumpy, crabbed, impatient, snappy, sullen, touchy, bad-tempered, petulant, irascible, cantankerous, peppery, ratty, testy, quarrelsome, chippy, fretful, short-tempered, waspish, peevish, quick-tempered, splenetic, snappish, liverish, captious”

We have experienced tetchiness in all its synonyms, from both T and D, sometimes in parallel or one after the other, refereeing and negotiating has felt a tad tiring today.

D, when she’s squeaking and seeking cuddles, after an upset, responds best to gentle reassurance, talk of “everything being fine” or suggestions gently to make it okay, any louder tones would have her scampering away, trying to find a corner where she can make herself smaller.

T is better off with very direct, clear instructions in a tone that says “whatever you’re doing needs to stop, now”. What he would perceive as “wishy-washy” doesn’t work, he takes absolutely no notice and continues with whatever he’s doing.

And therein lies the issue I face day in, day out. Because differing tones work best for both; D will sometimes interpret something meant for T, as for her, even though it’s proceeded with his name, similarly T will accuse me of “going easier” on D because I’m talking to her in a different way. When I’m not, they both know right from wrong, apart from when this tetchy streak comes out.

Whether it’s been the fact that furniture had been moved around, decorating has been going on (although neither has happened today because homework and reading needed to happen), or that sharing and equal time on the PC hasn’t gone terribly well, I don’t know but (what should have been) small issues have snowballed very quickly today, a tetchy day indeed.

A new start tomorrow, I hole everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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