T-time – Sat 31st Jan 2015

By | January 31, 2015

Today has brought change for T (and as a result, D) but he’s (they’ve) coped with it really well.

Saturday – for the menfolk – is normally taken up with T playing football in the morning and then them watching a local team in the afternoon. The snowy weather in the early morning put paid to any of that, even though it had virtually gone by the time the game would have kicked off.

I think T was half-anticipating there being no games because he’s been a chirpy chappie, apart from the realisation that any snow was disappearing and there wouldn’t be any snow play.

He’s never keen on cuddles, it always has to be on his terms and a favourite saying is “don’t touch me” but we’ve had some (almost) snuggly time today; he showing me the various games on his tablet and demonstrating them, giggling away when he managed to repeatedly go back to the start (which is unlike T, he’s extremely competitive).

He’s changing too, our T. His face and profile are maturing. He has my nose. I remember when I was his age, the housekeeper at home said to me – something like – “my sister had a nose like yours, it didn’t suit her so she had surgery, you’ll probably be okay”. What a thing to say to a 12 year old, an impressionable young girl. It’s only when I looked at T that I remembered being told that. A relief I guess that I had forgotten it, now it can disappear again to the recesses.

I’m so glad that he and D are happy in themselves, autism anxieties aside for a moment. Any worries and concerns are always about external things, issues outside of their control as opposed to self image issues, I hope they both stay that way (again autism aside).

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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