Surprisingly – Sat 17th Jan 2015

By | January 17, 2015

We have had a chirpy T tonight, it’s been really quite nice to hear T and D giggling together. He’s kind of pitched any games and humour at D’s level, which suited her and there wasn’t any of the sarcasm that can creep in.

Unexpectedly chirpy, because the match he was due to play this morning – with a 9am kick off – got postponed due to a frozen pitch. They did come back for a while before heading off to their men’s team match, so maybe that helped a bit with the disappointment.

Later on he was adamant he wasn’t cold when they returned, despite only wearing a hoodie. T doesn’t seem to feel the cold much at all when out, there’s always a huge grump if I request that he wears his winter coat, really dislikes the additional – and to him, not needed – layers.

We’ve (D and I) had a productive day at home, well me anyway; assembling a table, another coat of paint on the walls and moving furniture back so that it was all as it should be when the menfolk returned – which, thinking about it, may have been another factor for a chirpy T.

Maybe it’s best to be grateful for those happy moments and not over-analyse? I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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