On and Off – Sat 10th Jan 2015

By | January 10, 2015

It’s been “business as usual” for the menfolk, a match for T to play in this morning and a match to watch this afternoon.

A relief for a few reasons.

Firstly, T needed a good kick about, he loves to play and watch football, it’s his “thing”. His team hadn’t played since the end of November, nor trained, so he was in need of some football and the calming it brings to him.

Secondly, it meant D could have a relaxed day after her rather fraught end to the week. She’s been snuggly and cuddly, happy to read/draw/Minecraft with Bunny close by.

And lastly, we’ve had a few small power cuts today. Fairly random and all fortunately happening in the daytime. The sudden lack of music pounding through the walls from the neighbours (we’re in a semi) indicating that it wasn’t just us, it was our whole area.

If T had been home, this would have caused problems for him what with the sudden lack of electricity, the fact that it was unsure when it would be back on and the frequency. We had three within an hour, each lasting 5-10 minutes.

Because D was relaxed and honestly didn’t notice – she was concentrating on what she was doing – it was easy to just wait until it was back on and subtly adjust the clocks/timers etc. By the third time, it was slightly annoying (for me) but she was still blissfully unaware and yes, I know, we’re lucky it was for a short period of time. Silly weather!

And at least T wasn’t at home, doing his online homework – now that would have really annoyed him!

But as it was, he’s come back, smelling of fresh air, tired but happy. Same as Mr Bluecrisps. Be nice to think the Saturday footie routine will be back for a while.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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