New Year – New Tag – Thurs 1st Jan 2015

By | January 1, 2015

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is already a week ago and we’ve galloped into 2015.

We have an excited D tonight because tomorrow she and I are off to the Pantomime! A relaxed performance put on for SN children and their carers, which should make for a good environment. D does have issues with sitting still for any length of time and she’ll usually either end up squishing me by wanting to be on my lap or fidget, fidget, fidget until something gets her attention. So, it should be enjoyable.

It will mean a girlie trip to town too, I’m hoping it won’t be too busy for her but we’ll allow plenty of time and take it at her pace.

I’ve been tagged into another New Year post, I do enjoy these, this one is via @Emma4facs, thank you 🙂

What was your highlight of 2014?

Our main one has to be seeing the children both settled in their schools, T in his secondary and D in SN.

This highlight probably sounds very boring but when you have autistic/SN children, knowing that they are as happy as they can be in their educational setting and achieving, is a huge relief.

What are you excited for in 2015?

Spending more time together as a family and making happy and fun memories.

Any new year resolutions?

To get healthier in mind and body.

To challenge myself more.

Blog wise, to continue to raise awareness, to become more proactive and to just be me, really.

Blogging high?

I have two.

To attend the awards part of BritMums Live and see my blog as a finalist in the Health category was amazing.

Also, to be the featured “Blog Me Better” in the Mail On Sunday a few weeks ago.


Picture of the year?

Again, I have two.

My first one is of D at a birthday party, she was laughing with her friends, clutching a leaflet which contained event details, she’d go on to have her party there, very successfully.


This second one is my favourite of T and D this year. It was taken just before we went on a boat trip down the Thames and they were really looking forward to it.


I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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