Letting the light in with Farrow and Ball – part 2

By | January 25, 2015

In my first post on our review of Farrow and Ball paint, I answered some specific questions posed by Mumsnet.

This second post will show our results and our feedback on the paint we received. I have chosen a specific couple of walls to feature here as these are the least “busiest”, as the room painted was our lounge/dining room. A room which is used most in the house, it’s a place to relax, to eat and to work.

I am a bit of a purple fiend, in all its variations and shades. It’s very much a case of “love me, love my colour”. Any paint chosen would need to complement and reflect this.

We also have an issue with a distinct lack of natural light, the back garden is South-facing and fantastic in the Summer but the front of the house doesn’t receive a great deal of natural light or warmth.

My challenge therefore for Joa was to suggest a colour that would not only enhance the light there was but also had a degree of depth that would not be overpowered by artificial light.

The colour she suggested (and I’d had my eye on) was Ammonite – from the Farrow and Ball website – “a colour of fossils found on the Dorset coast. A perfect contrast to the slightly darker Cornforth White. White & Light Tones Undercoat.”


(Image above from Farrow and Ball)

Here’s a “before, during and after” of our clock wall:
(I did say that I liked purple!):



Undercoat applied and Ammonite going on:


Artificial light:


Natural light:


This above wall was the darkest colour to start with and it required two coats of undercoat, everywhere else just had one.

I was impressed with the coverage and the way that the Ammonite seems to change in differing light, sometimes it’s a blue tone, sometimes more pink/green and grey.

Another way I’ve tried to enhance light and create a perception of a lighter room is by having see-through furniture, glass desk/tables and Perspex chairs. These work very well with the finished colour.

Our desk and table before:


And afterwards in artificial light:


Ammonite is one of the colours under Farrow and Ball’s neutral range, click here to see the neutral colours and complementing paper/wood paint etc.

And our family feedback:

Hubbie: “it’s enriched our walls, an illusion of more light within the room”

D and T: “it’s good, looks nearly green”.

So, there you go, a new light-enhancing colour for our lounge for 2015. Attending the presentation has made me realise that “white paint” is not just “white”, there are many tonal variations, all of which can enhance a room setting/exterior.

Thank you to Farrow and Ball for their advice and Mumsnet.

“I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, a group of parent bloggers picked by Mumsnet to review products, services, events and brands. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity”.

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Emily Foran on 26th January 2015 at 2:50 pm.

Love this and great how you showed the walls in different lights; we used the Cornforth White which can look as white as the previous white emulsion, light grey right through to almost a warm brown in the evening – I love it! x


Jeannette on 26th January 2015 at 6:59 pm.

Thanks for reading 🙂 it’s great how the paint can pick up shades and colours isn’t it x


TomokoBlaine2 on 2nd June 2016 at 12:03 am.

Timely ideas ! Incidentally , if someone needs to rearrange two images ,
my colleague came across piece of writing here https://goo.gl/oNghmQ


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