Fifty Per Cent – Mon 5th Jan 2015

By | January 5, 2015

School routine returned for one (50%) of our children – T – today. Off he went, in the still-awakening morning, turning to wave once where he always does and then again, before he disappeared out of sight, off to catch that school bus (which according to him is always late).

And a few hours later, he was stepping off that school bus. Quite chirpy really because PE for this term is football – yay! – T is rather keen on football.

It didn’t take long for tiredness and snappiness to set in though, understandable for a first day and he does put his all into whatever he does.

The other 50%, D, has had a rather tuneful day, which is always an indicator that she’s relaxed and happy. She’s alternated between singing Christmas songs and then changing the words to reflect what she’s doing (reading, Minecraft etc), all still in tune.

We’ve had a chat about the Christmas songs and decided that it’s probably best she doesn’t sing them in school, she knows that others would say it isn’t an appropriate time to sing them, as she would no doubt say if it was someone else singing them.

(There was quite a funny moment at the pantomime last week when Buttons was instructing half the audience to sing against the other half, to see who was loudest. D fully understood the instructions and was quite bossily admonishing a child she knew for joining in when they shouldn’t have. Same as the class singing, when she’s relaxed and feeling confident, she can be extremely assertive and forthright. I guess it’s harnessing that emotion for situations she’s not comfortable in which is the next step – and will be ongoing for a while.)

Another inset day for D tomorrow, back to it again for T. He is growing up, challenging boundaries, maybe (definitely) back-chatting more than we’re entirely comfortable with but he’s making the effort at school, heading off on time every day and that makes us very proud. Glad we appealed and stuck to our instincts.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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