“Too Much” – Fri 5th Dec 2014

By | December 5, 2014

This has been D’s song of choice during b a t h time, she loves to sing (as I may have mentioned!) and she heard this song on a “Christmas No 1’s” music show today.

You might think then, that all has been tickety boo in our house today.

It hasn’t.

Because of a change. An unscheduled and last minute change due to both Hubbie and I feeling dreadful with this ridiculously annoying cough and cold thing that’s sweeping our house this week.

It’s meant that we opted for a different dinner to that which D always looks forward to. One that usually she’ll sit at the table, chomping away, saying “now” is her “best bit of the week”.

Not so tonight. The change meant that “now” was her “worst bit of the week”, followed by tears, lots of them.

If D had been my eldest (and NT) child, I’d have used the “there are hungry children who would be grateful for what you’ve got on your plate”, I had it said to me, I’m sure most people did and it would probably have done the trick. With D, it wouldn’t, it would have made a challenging situation far worse, so I bit my lip (as it were) and offered a cuddle instead.

I always aim to keep a calmness around me, any ranting I do is usually done down the phone once alone after the school run, it’s easier that way. But tonight, I just thought “can’t you both see? Your dad and I are not well and this really, really isn’t helping.” Thought not said.

But a couple of hours later, she’s had a sing song, we’ve talked a bit about school (it sounded from a diary note that today had its challenging moments too) and we’ve decided what we’re doing tomorrow.

It’s almost as if all the tears and angst never happened, like a switch flicked and emotions and moods changed.

It’s near to the end of term, there’s been a lot of change around lessons with all the Christmas prep, I guess it’s understandable. When D was singing (what she remembered of) the lyrics to “Too Much”, she asked me what they meant. I said that maybe they’re saying that to want to have too much or too little of something isn’t idea, aim for just right. Which sounds good to me, just don’t mess with D’s Friday night dinner! (I didn’t say that last bit to her, btw)

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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