This week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful

By | December 27, 2014

Although there isn’t a linky this week, it’s always good to look back and reflect positively on the week and it has indeed been a cosy one.

Highlights for us were:

Despite D getting extremely upset at the fact it was the end of term last week, both she and T have relaxed, caught up on sleep and – as long as we’ve stuck to the mealtime routines – they’ve both done really well. There was only one autism-ridden moment and that came just as I was about to dish up Christmas lunch, I didn’t think she’d recover sufficiently to sit down with us all, but she did. T and D’s Christmas lunch was differing food to ours but that was okay, it was the all sitting down together that mattered.

Our T:
T isn’t one to demonstrate his feelings (unlike his sister) or seek cuddles for comfort but he’s been giving out quite a few cuddles this week and I’ll be sitting next to him and his head will rest on my arm, that sort of thing. His cards to us all read “from your T……..” and were very humorous and individual, just like T. He is growing up rapidly and his traits (eg. rocking in his chair when concentrating) are becoming more obvious, I’m so glad he’s in a really good secondary school.

Pass the Pud:
I found this game in town and thought it would be great fun for Christmas, it was. Basically you have to “pass the pud” whilst either describing a word or naming things in a category, before the timer runs out and it “burps”. There are official rules and you can play for cardboard coins and in teams, T’s uber-competitive streak would have not made for such a fun time, so we’ve just played without that element, even D joined in for some easier ones.

Sales stuff:
They started even earlier this year, didn’t they? Online anyway. A lovely necklace that Hubbie found was reduced by well over half price by Christmas morning, so we are exchanging the full priced one for a reduced one, it seems silly not to.
And the desktop computer we were stalking price-wise got reduced too. It’s no Apple whizzy super-duper job but a much cheaper one which will do what it needs to far more efficiently that our cr*ptop which – by the end of its usefulness – T could only use for WP homework, Internet and everything else became too much for it.

D is still singing Christmas songs, she’ll vary from Last Christmas, Merry Christmas Everyone and some others but, as she sings when she’s happy, it’s a sure sign that she’s having an okay week.

Yule Log:
Part of T’s homework was to assemble and decorate a Yule Log, as the school kitchens had had a small fire during the last week of term.
He definitely wasn’t keen at first, didn’t like the “mess” of the buttercream but gradually enjoyed constructing it and decorating it. Not with the “less is more” adage. It tasted nice too!


All in all, this week has been about spending time together and creating memories, can’t want for more than that.

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