The Penguin Story – Sun 21st Dec 2014

By | December 21, 2014

In the run up to Christmas, D has been absolutely loving the Monty The Penguin John Lewis advert. Whenever we go into the store in town, the advert is playing continuously on a TV in the collection area and she’ll happily watch, transfixed as I collect our bits and pieces.

I bought the collaborative book a couple of weeks ago and D didn’t connect with it instantly or want to look at it at all. I’ve found this happens often, both her and T will be very enthusiastic about something they’ve seen, I’ll think “yippee, they’re showing an interest in something new” and next birthday/Christmas out it will come. And remain unplayed with/ignored.


Today something really rather lovely happened. The book was by the Christmas tree and D picked it up and not only started reading it but was singing the advert’s song too, in true D-style with exact timings and pitch, she’d memorised it really well.

After that we read it aloud together and she (quite rightly) pointed out that it all seemed to rhyme. It is a lovely little story with a nice message.

D’s also been singing snippets of Christmas songs, we’ve had little bits of “Last Christmas”, “Stay” and Band Aid. She’ll be concentrating on something and then start singing, a sign that she’s happy and relaxed. Which is good because she’d already decided on the last day of term that she’d be missing school, a lot.

Glitter fancied a snack today!


Four sleeps to go, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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