Santa is coming to … (your town) book

By | December 22, 2014

It’s always nice to find a new Christmas book to build on the excitement, especially when you have a SN child who hasn’t always understood what Christmas was all about.

I’d seen the “Santa is coming to..” books in shops in town and wondered exactly what they’d include, would it include our village, which is outside Reading? If it didn’t, it would be difficult to engage D with the story as she’d then believe that Santa wasn’t going to be arriving.

The head teacher always chooses a Christmas story to read at D’s school’s Carol concert and it was this story this year.

The book has some lovely illustrations, including landmarks of Reading (yes, there is more to Reading than an annual festival) and a nice little tale of helpfulness.


I’ve had a look on the website and practially every large town/city/county you could think of is included. There’s also colouring books and jigsaws too.

I haven’t been asked to promoting this book, nor did I receive a free copy but just wanted to share what I thought was a lovely book for children.

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