Prompts – Tues 2nd Dec 2014

By | December 2, 2014

An image I had in my head when I had my first child was that of everyone (my child, husband and future children) sitting around a dining table, laughing, joking and chatting. A typical family scene.

That changed ever so slightly with autism diagnoses (plural), yes, we have chats around the table but they are very one-sided and can be short-lived, ie when T or D decide any conversation is over, that’s it, no more.

D and I have always had as part of the b e d time routine time that we chat about her day, again it’s generally one-sided and very much dependant upon her emotions but usually it’s successful.

The silly Mumma that I am attempted to deviate from that today, with the aid of a class newsletter. Fail.

These newsletters come out weekly from her teacher and are always positive, with one or two highlights of the week, we try to use them as prompts for discussion as the day-to-day isn’t documented in the home-school diary but it’s used (as its intended) for quick sentences topical to D.

Well, there were a couple of topics covered last week I thought would be fun to chat about over tea:

What was their favourite animal?
What they’d like to be when they grew up.

It was totally the wrong setting (table) for D, she could barely answer and quite plainly didn’t want to.

But later, at our usual time, in our usual place, I got the responses that D gave in class, together with plenty of smiles.

A tiger. This corresponds with D’s house symbol and she said that’s why she chose it. Also because she likes the pattern of their stripes. I was convinced she’d say Bunny (for obvious reasons) or cat (family pet), there you go.

What she’d like to be?
A nail artist. No surprise there, her hand-eye co-ordination when it comes to painting her nails is fantastic, I attempt it and it just looks a mess but D’s actually look how they’re meant to!
One of Santa’s elves. Cute eh?

So, there you have it. Stick to the routine, J.

Speaking of elves, here’s where Glitter was this morning, looking slightly uncomfortable on our (yes, purple) lights, I wonder where she’ll fly to tomorrow?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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