My Nextmas Wishlist #NextmasWishList

By | December 6, 2014

Well, the Christmas tree has gone up today and we’re watching Frozen, feeling festive. Well, D’s watching, I’ve got one eye on her and one of my favourite websites to have a little browse around, Next.

Sometimes I do a “clickety-click” and buy something, it’s no coincidence that we’re both in Next all-in-ones today, D is rocking a pink cat look and I’m a beige bunny (!), thankfully our grocery shopping is coming after it’s started to get dark!

Next emailed me to ask if I’d like to take part in their NextmasWishlist competition, I’m not being compensated for this post but am hoping to be one of the lucky entrants to receive a random item from my wishlist (and it’s giving me a good excuse for a browse around), whilst being a snuggly bunny!

So, here goes, I’ve enjoyed having a “if money were no object” look at the Next branded products and, bearing in mind our lounge is in need of a bit of a revamp, that’s been the focus, with a few novelty items thrown in too.

Here goes:

1st and 2nd on my list would be comfy armchairs for Hubbie and I. Much as I like curling up like a cat on the sofa, I really like the look of these Rochester armchairs, one in purple and one in grey. They’d look lovely in front of our huge lounge window.



3rd would be a little table to go between the chairs, this mirrored one would be perfect. Not only would it reflect light in a place where it’s needed (the front of the house is North-facing and doesn’t get much sun), the shelf underneath would be useful for all that football-related “stuff” that Hubbie brings downstairs to read, but doesn’t.


4th and 5th would be some ceiling lights in the Hanbury range, we have the floor light (which would look fab between the chairs) and these on the ceiling would set everything off a treat. I know it all seems a bit lounge-focussed, but now that a few years of childminding have finished, it would be nice to give this much-used room (our main room) some TLC.


Number 6 and 7 is some really quite lovely china and glasses, ideal for Christmas Day. These are from the Shimmer Ware range and would set a special meal off a treat.



8th is back to basics with this Bellagio tv unit.. For reasons mentioned before, our TV is wall-mounted and now that the children are older, it would be much nicer to have our TV at eye level.


The last items, numbers 9 and 10 are D-related. I buy a lot of her clothes from Next anyway as they are bright designs and long-lasting, she’s seen these Bunny Wellies online and loved them and we always have room for another all-in-one, in this case, a a festive Reindeer one.



I quite surprised myself by not picking out clothes for me, I guess that’s what sale time is for!

Here’s the Competiton details if anyone fancies having a go.

And here comes my shopping *bunny hops* away….

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