Music – Weds 17th Dec 2014

By | December 17, 2014

D, until she had a growth spurt, used to have a t-shirt which said “music makes me happy” on it, that’s certainly been the case today.

This morning was a slow walk to school, perpetuated by endless cuddles, craved and needed by D to get her through the walk, past strangers and other noise-making potential anxieties. We were probably late today but my priority was getting her there in one piece and not risking a bolting or meltdown scenario (never a good thing when you have to pass a mainstream primary school).

But get there we did and she is still receiving praise for her singing on Monday, it’s so positive that it is recognised just how much it took for her to stand in front of a busy room and do so well. One staff member who used to give D a sticker each morning when she’d managed to curb anxieties and walk into school said that D “was growing into a lovely young lady”. She is, we are so proud of her. She was so weary though.

And music has done its trick today, for the first time this week, we received a big smile as she came down the stairs, a subsequent run up and a huuuuge cuddle. A very happy girl. Her Christmas party (which she had been anxious about) had turned out to be a rock concert (as she called it) with staff playing instruments and singing and everyone having lots of fun singing and dancing along. She is so lucky that her school lays on these events as in reality many of the children wouldn’t be able to tolerate a traditional disco setting.

Music does make our girl (and her Mumma) very happy.

T is continuing to countdown to Friday and the end of term, the next two weeks will be a chance for him to recharge and get some of that spark back.

Here’s where Glitter was today, perched behind our wind chime on our wall of happy thoughts. I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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