Little Helper – Sat 6th Dec 2014

By | December 6, 2014

Poor coughing D. She’s been helping me and working quite hard today (as she’s told me tearfully quite a few times).

We’ve been decorating the Christmas tree and there was shopping to put away. All whilst we’re both not feeling 100%.

It was a onesie day too, which always makes her feel a bit better, snuggles-wise and she managed to croak along to “Let It Go” as we had Frozen on in the background.

Frozen described the menfolk when they arrived home. T’s match this morning was called off at the last minute due to a (you’ve guessed it) frozen pitch and they both got quite chilly watching a game this afternoon.

Here’s “Spike” the soft-needles tree, D had the task of putting on the Christmas chocs, which she did, all bar two….expectantly looking at me…well, you have to, don’t you?!


And this is where Glitter flew to this morning, conveniently out of the way of decorations being put up, clever Glitter!


My little helper has done very well today, she’s been tearful at times but I think a bit of Christmas tree helping always makes things seem better.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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