Jitters – Weds 3rd Dec 2014

By | December 3, 2014

Up until this week, D has coped extremely well with all the changes to school routine that incorporate preparation for Christmas concerts.

Primarily, I have to admit because it involves singing, singing in a group setting and *proud Mumma beam* a solo. Something we are very much looking forward to seeing. But obviously, if nerves get the better of her on the day, it’s okay, we understand that and so do school.

But there have been jitters this week, jitters because the order of songs was changed and then changed again, obviously different to the song sheets she’d been sent home with (that visual aspect) and today, something else…

Every half term, D is invited to attend a sports after-school activity, sometimes it’s kurling (she likes that), sometimes it’s a contact sport, which she’s not so keen on (there are some much bigger and stronger children who also attend). It’s primarily to try to improve her team play and have a bit of fun.

The next half term’s one will be Dance, we had a letter home today. I thought that would be fantastic, there aren’t any SN-friendly dance classes round our way and it might be fun.

D’s already anxious about it, even though it doesn’t start until mid January. She’s worried that she won’t enjoy it, that I won’t be there, that she’ll be forced to do the splits (highly unlikely and we’ve told her that). But nonetheless there are anxieties, hopefully by gently discussing it and finding out what sort of moves they’ll be busting, she’ll be reassured.

I do hope so, we’ve got Christmas to enjoy first!

Speaking of Christmas, Glitter (our Elf on the Shelf) has been having a ride with a Lindor bunny today! D thought that was very funny, I wonder where she’ll land tomorrow?


I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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