Here and Now – Sun 7th Dec 2014

By | December 7, 2014

….all is well, D has been singing Christmas songs in preparation for her class performance tomorrow.

But it hasn’t been like that all day, or for the majority of the day.

Today has been governed by moods and emotions, emotions that can change as if a switch is flicked. Negative or positive.

T and D are both tired, there’s the changes to routine within their schools due to Christmas prep and changes at home too, of the Christmas variety. The tree is up, things have moved about a bit to accommodate it. Add homework into the mix and the fact that everyone bar T (he is about 4 days ahead of us with this blooming bug) is coughing and it’s not been the best.

As I’ve mentioned before, D has to be told every time to cover her mouth when she coughs, to blow her nose, everything. If not it results in a germ-filled blast everywhere. Any attempt to remind her in a tone above her used-to gentle one has resulted in pinching/scratching/hitting herself. So I suggested she “squeezed it out” on me, she’s strong our D.

She is a little tonic though, we were having tea and she decided she wanted to do another “best and worst bits”. “Oh gosh” thought I. “Best” was now and there were no “worst bits”, according to D anyway.

Definitely a “here and now” girl at times, hopefully that cheery (but coughing) disposition will see her through the class singing tomorrow.

Today’s Glitter pic below, she’s been on the cross trainer!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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