Has To Be Round – Mon 29th Dec 2014

By | December 29, 2014

Sometimes I think just how much both D and T have achieved these last few years, in terms of adjusting and adapting, in school anyway.

And then I’m reminded that some things just don’t change, here’s an example:

D – like her Mumma *sigh* – loves chocolate and there were the obligatory chocolate coins in her Christmas stocking, together with some reindeer-shaped bits.

I had hoped she’d be as enthusiastic about the latter as the former, chocolate is chocolate after all.

Not so for D. She likes her chocolate to be round, button or chocolate coin-shaped, always has done.

Easter eggs would be left, because they were the wrong shape. Breaking them up into tiny pieces seemed to help sometimes but it was as if she would only recognise the round shapes as being the correct format for her.

Unlike T, who scoffed his Santa shape faster than the speed of sound in the morning.

Those reindeer (tiddly ones and a large one) are still left. The coins have been consumed and the foil wrappers kept for crafting, she knows what she likes, does our D.

Similarly decorations on cakes, she doesn’t like them – round or not – doesn’t really like cake either tbh, apart from a particular one.

But there is an exception to this rule, a Galaxy bar, she’ll accept this but not the Counters variation (which are round).

Which just goes to prove that I’ll think I’ll understand an aspect of autism and then a curveball comes my way.

Life is never, ever boring!


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