Come Down – Tues 16th Dec 2014

By | December 16, 2014

After yesterday evening’s very proud moments, we have one tired D.

I guess there’s been so much change in the last couple of weeks in school, many many rehearsals – not just for yesterday but the class performance too – and the general rush of excitement that the build up to Christmas brings.

She did so well yesterday and afterwards so many people praised her, it continued this morning, the little singing trio were also mentioned in a letter home today, it was a massive achievement for them all.

There’s just three more days to go now and they’re busy days; a Christmas class party tomorrow, a visit from Santa on Thursday and then end of term assemblies etc on Friday.

In a very unlike D moment (which just goes to show how tired she is), she’s not particularly fussed about her party wear, normally she is a sequins, tiara, costume jewellery and all gal.

This out-of-routine is making for quite a pale, cuddly girl. We’ve obviously kept it going at home so that she (and T) gain some comfort from that.

In contrast…

T cannot wait for the end of term! This week has seen some fun activities and usually he’d suffer with the change to routine, but T is seeing them as they are, replacements for lessons = less study and (hopefully) less homework.

He is slightly (understatement) miffed that his last football game before Christmas has been postponed (opposition were demoted, which seems a bit harsh for the boys in that team tbh, especially as they’d be new year 7’s etc) but C’est la vie I guess.

We’re nearly there..three days to go, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

(This was where Glitter ended up today, reminding me that I need to start wrapping!):


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